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Looking for a Room.

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Jan. 26th, 2014 | 12:13 pm
posted by: lake_fairy in katsucon

Hey guys, I figured I would ask here before looking for alternative hotel solutions. Me and two of my friends are hoping to make it to Katsu this year, but it was a last minute decision, and we haven't made plans for a room.

Does anyone have room for three people? we are hoping that we could get at least one bed or pull out sofa (for my friends) However I don't mind bringing a twin blow up mattress and setting up on the floor. (we will also consider options without any bedspace)

We are all girls in our mid twenties, and we will each be bringing a couple of costumes, but no huge props.

We are hoping to keep the hotel cost to about $100 per person for the weekend, (although it is negotiable up to a point) and we don't want to be in a really overcrowded room (6+). We are all nice and respectful, and will abide by any room rules you guys may have.

If anyone has space left in their room, please comment here, or shoot me an email at: SarahKate06@gmail.com I would really appreciate it.

If we can't find someone at one of the main hotels or overflow hotels to room with, we will probably look at hotels 15-20 minutes away since it is the only way we could afford the trip.

Thank you guys for your time!

P.S. If someone is getting ready to cancel their room, I would also be interested in a room transfer, from either the main hotel or any of the surrounding hotels.

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